2017 West Conference

Children's Workshop Descriptions


Astronomy Study

Led by Mihai Boitor & John Hall


This is an educational workshop for children to learn about the night sky.  We will have telescopes set up on the basketball courts to give children the opportunity to see various planets and stars. Children will also be taught how to recognize features of the night sky and how to locate specific stars and planets when looking at the night sky with the naked eye.  This workshop will be offered for any children registered for the conference who are between the ages of 6-17. Friday is the 'Girls's Astronomy Workshop', and Saturday is the 'Boy's Astronomy Workshop'. The check-in is at 7:15 p.m. at the basketball courts.  Parents need to pick up children promptly at 8:30 at the basketball courts.

Night Hike

led by Alexandra Boitor


This night hike is an educational science workshop to learn about night vision and how the senses function at night. This workshop will be offered for any children registered for the conference who are between the ages of 6-17. This night hike is limited to approximately 20-25 children per night.  Friday is the Boy's 'Night Hike', and Saturday is the Girl's 'Night Hike'. The check-in is at 7:15 p.m. at 'St.Luke' Lower Library.  Parents need to pick up children promptly at 8:30 p.m. at the basketball courts.



Led by Alexandra Boitor & Mihai Boitor

Children, kindergarten age and up, will have the opportunity to view life through a microscope. Alexandra will have about 8 microscopes available for the the children to use, and she will lead a fascinating and educational biology workshop appropriate for the different age groups. They will view plant cells, human cheek cells, pond water, and termites through a microscope. 

icon on glass.jpg

Icons on Glass Workshop

Led by Alexandra Boitor and John Hall

Children will trace a line drawing of an icon onto glass with a permanent marker and then paint the image. After the glass icons are dry, they are put in a frame and produce a very beautiful representation of the image.  The children will be divided according to age for this project, and younger children will have the assistance they need for the completion of this project.


Led by Alexandra Boitor, Matthew Jennings, and Daniel Taylor


Archery will be offered at three different sessions for three different age groups:  Age 6-9, Age 10-17 girls, and Age 10-17 boys.  Alexandra Boitor will lead the girls archery session and Matthew Jennings and Daniel Taylor will lead the boy's archery sessions. Archery will take place behind the historic St. Nicholas Ranch red barn.

Outdoor Games and Organized Play

Led by Alexandra Boitor and Children's Workshop Staff


Alexandra Boitor, our children's program director, will lead the children in many fun outdoor games and activities.  Outdoor games for the youngest ages groups will include: parachute games, follow the leader, simple ball games, outside stories, collecting leaves. Outdoor games for the older age groups will include: basketball, volleyball, 4-square, hopscotch, 'double-dutch' jump rope, relay races, freeze tag, etc. John Hall will lead the children in large scale art and design with sidewalk chalk on the basketball courts, which is certain to entertain and inspire creativity.


Fishing & Canoeing

Led by John Hall


Fishing and Canoeing on the St. Nicholas Ranch lake will be available as a post-conference activity on Sunday afternoon. Poles, tackle, and life jackets will be provided for non-resident attendees and shared among all. This activity is outside of the structured conference workshop sessions and requires parental supervision to participate.