2018 November West Conference Lectures

Lectures for All Orthodox Educators (both Home Educators and Orthodox School Educators):

  • Seeking Wisdom: Orthodox Education and the Right Relationship of Human and Divine Wisdom according to St. Gregory Palamas (Fr. Matthew Penney, PhD, ABD)

  • Seeking Virtue: Why an Orthodox Approach to Virtue is Critical to Educating Our Children Today (Mark Tarpley, PhD)  

  • Seeking Truth: Forming Children in the Love of Truth (Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.)

  • Rethinking Education (Andrew Kern)  

  • Teaching Our Children History within an Orthodox Ethos (Mark Tarpley, PhD)

  • Teaching Our Children Literature within an Orthodox Ethos (Fr. Matthew Penney, PhD, ABD)

  • Teaching Writing: A conversation with Andrew Kern  

  • Identifying Foundational Principles in Early Childhood Orthodox Education (Presv. Ana Coman)

  • Friday Q&A on Wisdom, Virtue, and Education (Dr. Mark Tarpley, Andrew Kern, and Fr. Matthew Penney)

  • Saturday Q&A on Classical Education (Dr. Mark Tarpley, Andrew Kern, Fr. Matthew Penney, and Fr. Peter Heers)

Lectures and Workshops Specifically for Homeschool Parents:

  • Why Homeschooling is a Good Choice (Fr. Noah Bushelli)

  • The Homeschool Dad Panel: How Dads Can Be Supportive (Fr. Noah Bushelli, Fr. Paul Volmensky, and Daniel Sierra)  

  • Comparison as the Thief of Joy (Jennifer Sierra)

  • Math Curriculum Discussion (Presv. Ana Coman, Anne Van Fossen, and parents)

  • Teaching Reading in the Home Setting (a panel discussion of parents' diverse experiences)

  • Nature Journaling (Christina Taylor, Christine Jennings, and Elizabeth Davis)

  • Learn More about CLRC: Classical Learning Resource Center (Anne Van Fossen)

  • Transcript Workshop (Ginny Silva)

  • Homeschool Alumni Panel (interview with three adults who were homeschooled in childhood)