Join Dr. Mark Tarpley for
Uncovering the Deeper Implications of Technology in Our Lives"
November 15-17, 2019

Technology and Conversation: Facing Up to the Challenge

We are connected, but we have no community. We are together, and yet, we are isolated. We hear and see more tragic events through media outlets than ever before, and yet, our empathy towards others is declining. We have more “friends,” and we “know” more people, and yet, the intimacy of our relationships is shallower than ever. Our communication has become disembodied, brief, and shallow, and our personal relationships are suffering and left unfulfilled. Join Dr. Mark Tarpley as he takes a hard look at the realities of communication today, how they are challenging our humanity, and why patient, sustained, face-to-face conversations are so fundamental to persevering in our Orthodox faith in the modern world.

Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.


delivered at the St. Kosmas West Coast Conference in previous years: