Jennifer Sierra


Jennifer wasn't born in Texas but she got there as fast as she could.  She was born and raised in Arizona but relocated to Texas in 2005 with her husband and children.  Jennifer has been married to her husband Daniel for nearly 27 years.  In that time God has blessed them with 11 children, ages 7-25.   Daniel and Jennifer came into the Orthodox Church in 1997 with their 3 children at the time.  Jennifer started home schooling their children in the fall of 2001.  They didn't intend to educate their children at home but after coming into the Orthodox Church they decided it was very important for their children to be fully immersed in the Faith. Since then 5 of her children have graduated from high school while being home schooled.  Her oldest son has graduated from Texas A&M University, while his 2 sisters are still attending school there, one graduating Spring 2018 and the second in Fall 2018.  Two of her children are married and she has one grandson.  Jennifer and her family love to travel around the United States and abroad.