Join Fr. Josiah Trenham for
Uncovering the Deeper Implications of Technology in Our Lives"
November 15-17, 2019

Technology and Addiction: Seeking Freedom in Christ in a Consumerist Society

We live in a consumerist society in which addictions of all kinds are widespread, and our enslavement to digital media such as the smartphone is no exception. Yet, the gospel calls us to a life of self-denial for the sake of Christ in order to find true freedom. Join Fr. Josiah Trenham as he reflects on the challenge of technological addiction in our lives today and how the medium of today’s digital screens itself pushes us towards addiction to our devices. It is not enough to simply “use the tool” the right way. We must go deeper in considering the purpose and design of the digital screens in relationship to the internet in assessing the issue of addiction and technology.

Archpriest Josiah Trenham, Ph.D.

Presentations on Orthodox Education

delivered at the St. Kosmas West Coast Conference in previous years:

Fr. Josiah Trenham with the Children at the 2017 West Conference