Lectures & Workshops
presented at the
3rd West Coast Conference
November 2018
“Educating Children Within an Orthodox Ethos”

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Keynote/Plenary Lectures:

  • Seeking Virtue

    Why an Orthodox Approach to Virtue is Critical to Educating Our Children Today

    Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.

  • Seeking Wisdom

    Orthodox Education and the Right Relationship of Human and Divine Wisdom According to St. Gregory Palamas

    Fr. Matthew Penney, Ph.D. (ABD)

  • Seeking Truth

    Forming Children in the Love of Truth

    Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.

Question & Answer Sessions:

  • Q&A on Wisdom, Virtue, and Education

    Andrew Kern
    Fr. Matthew Penney, Ph.D. (ABD)
    Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.

  • Q&A on Classical Education

    Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.
    Andrew Kern
    Fr. Matthew Penney, Ph.D. (ABD)
    Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.

  • Q&A on Truth, Imagination, and the Spiritual Life

    Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.
    Fr. Matthew Penney, Ph.D. (ABD)

Sessions Addressing Specific Academic Subjects:

  • Teaching Our Children History

    within an Orthodox Ethos

    Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.

  • Teaching Our Children Literature

    within an Orthodox Ethos

    Fr. Matthew Penney, Ph.D. (ABD)

  • Teaching Writing

    A Conversation with Andrew Kern

    Andrew Kern, Presv. Ana Coman

  • Teaching Reading

    Panel Discussion of Diverse Experiences

    Shannon Clausing, Ginny Silva

  • Math Curriculum Discussion

    Panel Discussion of Parents and Professional Educators

    Anne Van Fossen, Marcel Herle, Presv. Ana Coman, Shannon Clausing, Christina Taylor

  • Nature Journaling

    A Gentle Way to Incorporate Science and Art into Your Curriculum

    Christina Taylor, Christine Jennings

Sessions Addressing Education in General:

  • Identifying Foundational Principles in Early Childhood Orthodox Education

    Presv. Ana Coman, Ph.D.

  • Rethinking Education

    Andrew Kern

Sessions Specifically for Homeschoolers:

  • Homeschool Alumni Panel

    Interviews with Three Orthodox Adults Who Were Homeschooled

    A Medical Doctor, a Financial Journalist, and an Architect

  • Why Homeschooling is a Good Choice

    Fr. Noah Bushelli

  • Transcript Workshop

    Ginny Silva

  • The Homeschool Dad Panel

    How Dads Can Be Supportive

    Fr. Noah Bushelli, Daniel Sierra, John Cosby

  • Comparison as the Thief of Joy

    Plus Q&A on Faith, Family, and Homeschooling

    Jennifer Sierra