Lectures & Workshops
presented at the
2nd West Coast Conference
April 2018
“Have Faith”

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Keynote/Plenary Lectures:

  • "Have Faith"

    Examining Homeschooling and Compulsory State Education

    Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.

  • On the Patristic and “Post-Patristic” View of Education and Salvation

    Fr. Peter Heers, D.Th.

  • On the Mother of God - Part I

    On Her Life

    Archimandrite Demetrios Carellas

  • On the Mother of God - Part II

    On Developing a Closer Relationship with Her

    Archimandrite Demetrios Carellas

Question & Answer Sessions:

  • Q&A on Education

    and the Upbringing of Children

    Fr. Peter Heers

  • Q&A on the Mother of God

    and the Upbringing of Children

    Fr. Demetrios Carellas

Sessions for Homeschooling Elementary:

  • Homeschooling 101

    Addressing the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Started

    Ginny Silva

  • Literature for the Early Years

    An Introduction to the Works of St. Dimitrios of Rostov

    Christine Hall

  • Charlotte Mason

    A Lifestyle of Learning Approach to a Classical Style of Education

    Elizabeth Davis

  • Co-ops, Charters, and CHSPE

    Complying with the California Law

    Christina Taylor

  • Panel Discussion on the “Grammar Years”

    Experiences Homeschooling Grades 1-4

    Presv. Ana Coman, Christina Taylor, Ginny Silva, Christine Hall

  • Large Family Panel Discussion

    Parenting a Large Family and Homeschooling Multiple Grade Levels

    Elizabeth Davis, Jennifer Sierra, Ginny Silva, Christine Hall

Sessions for Homeschooling High School:

  • Homeschool Alumni Panel

    Interviews with Orthodox Adults Who Were Homeschooled

    A Civil Engineer, an Artist, and a Medical Lab Technician

  • College Prep Discussion Panel

    Interviews with Homeschool Parents on College Preparation

    Elizabeth Davis, Marie Eliades, Jennifer Sierra, Ginny Silva, Fr. Paul Volmensky

  • Dispelling the Myths

    about Homeschooling High School

    Presv. Ana Coman, Ph.D.

  • Raising Teens

    Making the Faith One’s Own

    Fr. Paul Volmensky

  • How to Make a High School Transcript

    A Workshop: Bring Your Records and Make a Transcript

    Presv. Ana Coman

  • What is the Measure of Success?

    Fr. Paul Volmensky

  • The Gold of the Egyptians

    The Reception of the Classical Inheritance from the Fathers to the Humanists

    John Davis

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