About Elizabeth Davis


Elizabeth Davis has been married to Gregory for 30 years and they have nine children ranging from 6 to 28 years old. Two children have graduated from college, with one working towards attending seminary at Holy Trinity in Jordanville and another seeking a graduate degree in medieval history. A third child is still in college now studying environmental science. The next two adult children are working towards learning vocational skills as an alternative to college. They still have four minor homeschooling children at home. 

The Davis family was received into Orthodoxy at St. Seraphim’s Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, TX in 1996, and were greatly influenced by Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory. But as an Air Force family they moved a number of times, experiencing a number of parishes and jurisdictions over the years before Gregory’s eventual retirement in 2007.

Elizabeth founded Paidea Classics in 2001. She was attracted to the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling, and wanted to search out and make available more Orthodox-friendly public domain material as well as early Church patristics that would be suitable for Orthodox young people. However, she eventually sold the company in 2008 because of increasing demands in other areas of her life. In October 2016, an opportunity arose to resume ownership of Paidea Classics, and the Davis family re-acquired the company. Now after several family members have had the chance to make pilgrimages to Sinai, Constantinople, Greece, the Holy Land and Russia, and having now adult children who want to write new material, the vision for Paidea Classics has greatly expanded from its early years.  (Elizabeth is shown below with her son, John, on top of Mt. Sinai.)