About Anne Van Fossen


Anne Van Fossen and her husband, Sub-deacon John Van Fossen, live in North Idaho with their three sons where they run the Classical Learning Resource Center (http://www.clrconline.com/) which gathers teachers from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond to provide online classes for homeschooling families.  They also manage a small farm where they raise dairy goats and laying hens and enjoy making (and eating!) a wide variety of cheeses and other edibles from the produce of their farm. 

Anne has a B.A. in Physics and Chemistry and an M.A. in Classics.  She spent seven years working with her husband to found an Orthodox Christian Classical K-8 school in California where she was the Director of Program and Curriculum Development and head of the Ancient Languages Department.


After moving to Idaho with their three sons in 2009 John and Anne began homeschooling and originally founded the CLRC to provide online classes in Classical Greek and Latin for homeschooling families.  The CLRC has expanded greatly since then and with about thirty teachers now offering classes in a wide variety of subjects including Literature and Composition, Great Books, Math, Logic, Rhetoric, and many Modern Languages.  Anne has been teaching Classical Greek and Latin to all ages for over 20 years. 

Anne enjoys farm work with her family, listening to great audio books over dinner, classic movies, reading, walks in the wood above their farm, and working with the wonderful staff, teachers, parents, and students in the CLRC.