Speakers for the Technology Conference (November 15-16, 2019):

How Technology Reaches Deeper Than We Think (Dr. Mark Tarpley)
Technology and Addiction: Seeking Freedom in Christ in a Consumerist Society (Fr. Josiah Trenham)
Technology and Distraction: Seeking Wholeness in a Fragmented World (Dr. Mark Tarpley)
Technology and Conversation: Facing Up to the Challenge (Presv. Ana Coman)
Q&A Panels: Dr. Mark Tarpley, Fr. Josiah Trenham, Presv. Ana Coman, and Fr. Peter Heers.*
*Due to circumstances beyond our control, Fr. Peter will be in Greece at the time of the conference
and will be live-streamed from Greece via skype.

Registration is OPEN! Lodging is still available!
As of October 15, there are only four remaining lodge rooms available at the Wonder Valley Conference Center!

New Location & New Activities:
Horseback Riding, Boating, Kayaking, and Ropes Course!

New Location

With Horseback Riding, Boating, Kayaking, and Ropes Course for Children and Adults!